Our Company

Established in 1994, Progress Seminars has grown from a small Christchurch based sole trading entity into a high profile training provider specialising in all forms of personal and professional development. A specialist training company, Progress Seminars offers a wide range of personalised training solutions including tailored skills based developmental courses, motivational seminars, conference presentations and a wide variety of personalised coaching and consulting services.

Our Values

Our values are built on three simple, but strong principles in everything we do. It is on this foundation that Progress Seminars prides itself in establishing long-term partnerships that endure.

Demonstrating a positive attitude is a choice. To this end we will choose to radiate positive-ness, excitement, and a ‘can do’ attitude in all our day to day dealings with our colleagues and clients. Our example matters, and so as a representative of Progress Seminars, we will demonstrate high constructive energies every day – with every one!

We are committed to actively seeking the highest welfare of all our clients. We genuinely have their best interests at heart and will work diligently and wisely to help them succeed. In all our dealings with them we will strive to fully understand their unique business requirements and engage in open, honest, and sincere discussion.

We will be known by, and remembered for our results. Consistently delivering the highest possible standards of excellence in everything we do. Our aim is always to exceed client expectations in all aspects of research, design, development and delivery of our training products and services.

Our Vision

Progress Seminars Ltd is dedicated to growing your business through growing your people. Our aim is to be ‘partners in change’, helping both organisations and individuals to maximise their performance capacities by providing break-through training solutions that will:

  • Challenge attitudes (inner beliefs and mind-sets) for the betterment of both self and organisation
  • Change behaviours (outward actions and habits) permanently
  • Establish new and improved performance measures & standards

Our Goals

  • To achieve consistency, quality and professionalism in all aspects of education
  • To demonstrate the highest possible standards of excellence in every thing we do.
  • To ensure all products and services provided by Progress Seminars represent excellent value for money.
  • To create a learning environment that encourages a positive and permanent behavioural change.

Our Promise

Progress Seminars is totally committed to seeing measurable outcomes from the training products and services it delivers. We expect that all seminar attendees will learn, apply and strive to consistently demonstrate new skills and knowledge to better equip themselves to progress both personally and professionally as a valued member of a wider team. Therefore no change (in behaviour or performance), no charge (for training services provided).






our values model

our values model