Progress Seminars is committed to delivering a wide range of professional and practical pre-scheduled training courses that will positively impact the attitudes, skills and behaviors of all those attending. All courses will be limited in the number of attendees to ensure maximum learning and participant engagement. Therefore, all enrolments will be received and confirmed on a first in, first served basis. This service is in addition to any training agreements that currently exist and as such will be charged on a per person per seminar basis at the preferential rates as indicated in the course overviews below.



Stage 1: Time & Self Management (1 day)

If you or your staff are constantly running out of time, wishing you had more time or just can not achieve your responsibilities or goals within the time frames allocated, then this 1-day course is for you. Focusing on values based self management, this course will allow the attendee to really ‘look in the mirror’ and therefore determine not only what matters most, but also what is required to achieve it.

Stage 2: Leadership Development (3 day)

This Leadership Development course is based on a comprehensive leadership system (Four Quadrant Leadership) used in thousands of companies spanning the globe. It assists individuals in both recognising their capabilities as a leader and demonstrating those capabilities with clearly defined, proven, leadership practices. When these practives are being constantly demonstrated, competent managers can become excellent leaders. This 3-day course has been specifically designed for senior and middle management positions with the aim of introducing a clearly defined system of deliberate skills and techniques that will ufrther develop and enhance all forms of decision making, delegation, communication and motivation.

Stage 3: Performance Coaching (2 day)

This course is all about applying a deliberate set of coaching skills that move people from where they are, to where they need to be. It is an interactive and engaging course that will challenge existing coaching skills and arm managers with the tools and techniques to create an effective coaching conversation resulting in improved performance/productivity.



Stage 1: Essential Selling Skills (2 day)

In this introductory sales course, participants will learn and apply an easy-to-remember 5-point sales process that will equip them to sell well every day, with every customer! These non-negotiable sales disciplines will ensure your employees demonstrate the right attitudes, skills and techniques to be a stand-out sales professional and to consistently achieve superior sales results.

Stage 2: Advanced SALES DEVELOPMENT (2 day)

This course is designed for the more experienced sales professional, typically working at an Account Management/Commercial level within sales. It will provide all its attendees with a timely reminder/refresher in the basics of selling, followed up with the latest and more advanced sales techniques and disciplines required to be successful at a commercial level.

Stage 3: Negotiation Skills (1 day)

Having effective negotiation skills has become a vital part of your personal toolkit. Achieving best outcomes for all parties involved with a win/win approach is desirable for most businesses today, if they are looking to develop and build long term relationships. This course will look at how to effectively reach such outcomes where everyone can walk away having found the best mutually acceptable compromise.

Stage 4: Effective Sales Management (2 day)

This course has been developed to assist and equip managers with the tools and techniques to more effectively lead their sales teams to higher levels of achievement. This 2-day workshop will focus on a deliberate management approach that will encourage self-motivation, clearly defined sales targets and further refine and improve the systems and processes and to deliver a faster, more accurate and more efficient offer to your customers.