Psychometric Testing

Psychometric assessments can underpin a number of HR activities through assessing an individual's specific strengths and areas for development. They key is to use psychometric assessments in a way that relates to your organisation's success, from selection decisions to development and team building to performance management and promotion decisions.

From a practical perspective, psychometric assessments assess personal needs and values that underlie cultural fit and commitment to an organisation. Understanding your team members’ preferences for various behaviours, their strengths and their development needs allows you to develop strategies that will help achieve your overall business goals.

Our range of psychometric assessments will help generate an in-depth and well-rounded evaluation of an individual's cognitive ability, interests and personal styles and work aptitudes. We have a number of psychological assessments to meet your needs that have all been proven as reliable and valid assessments that indicate job performance and training success across a number of industries. All of our assessments are measured and scored against robust norm groups developed using New Zealand data.

We offer a full consulting service for all assessments listed below, which typically involves a needs analysis, test administration, scoring and analysis, a full comprehensive report customised to your organisation, and face-to-face feedback sessions with both candidates/respondents and managers.

Progress Seminars uses the GeneSys range of psychometric assessments, which include (though not limited to):

General and Graduate Reasoning Tests
Includes assessments of verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning.
Critical Reasoning Tests
Assesses one’s ability to critically analyse verbal and numerical information (i.e. written text and tabular data)
Personality Profiling
Assesses 16 core traits broken into one’s interpersonal, thinking and copying styles.
Team Building
Using the Jung Type Indicator (similar to the Myers Briggs Personality tool).
Sales Preference
Assess one’s preferred approach to selling and influencing.
Values and Motives Assessment
Assesses one’s motivating forces that drive individual activity.
Occupational Interest Profile
Assesses one’s vocational interests and personal work needs.

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