Training Services

Progress Seminars is committed to offering a variety of learning interventions that will ensure the successful implementation of agreed learning outcomes. Our services include…


Customised to suit our clients unique requirements, Progress Seminars offers leadership development, sales management and personal development solutions designed to meet specific training and development needs.


To meet the very specific needs of individuals and groups, this service is to ensure effective application of skills and knowledge gained.


Progress Seminars offers post course follow-up services such as assignments, phone calls and personal visits to assist training participants in the practical application and retainment of knowledge learnt from attending courses with us.


Our team of consultants represent over 80 years of combined skills and experience in training design and development and many other aspects of business consulting, analysis and problem solving. These include employment law, consumer law, mediation and conflict resolution, strategic business planning and change management.


From a practical perspective, psychometric assessments assess personal needs and values that underlie cultural fit and commitment to an organisation. Extensive research has also demonstrated that they are among the best predictors of job performance. Progress Seminars offers a range of assessments to assist in team building, development and performance management... click for more information.


At both a retail and commercial level, Progress Seminars offers a comprehensive mystery shopping service, including a review of retail compliance, customer service, sales knowledge and skills, product knowledge and operational excellence.

Performance Appraisal Systems

Using proven methodologies combined with clearly defined objective measures, Progress Seminars has developed and successfully implemented user friendly, practical appraisal systems which engage all parties in an environment of openness, trust and truth throughout the complete process.